Isnin, 30 November 2009


yes..i'm still wait 4 your call n messange. always waiting 4 that...when u will tell me..dont make me wondering it...i'm always think 4 that..i just hope..your answer will make me smile..if the answer is no..insyaallah i will accept it..dunt wory haa..just be honest..its it difficult???hows it be difficult???the answer is on u..i will not force u..i will be patential person..but..untill when???how many day,hour,minute,second..should i wait???answer me plz!!!!ok2..its on u now..i will give a space 4 u 2 breathing n make a truly dicission..just tell me the truth without care about my feeling..why i'm saying like that..bcoz..if u always think how i feel..u cant tell me the i right???honestly i cant wait...plz dont do this 2 me...u make me crazy 4 waiting patient...insyaallah kheir..