Ahad, 25 Oktober 2009

fEeLiNg BaD???

A day in this month i felt so sad..today..now..this night...why???the answer is on me..i know why..only i can solve it..but..i need someone to hear what i'm going to said..i went to them but i didnt told them...i dont know why???friend i was try..but i cant...try to be sincere in my day try to be happy..but my heart was broken..no one know it..because i wont not let them know...a long time i never had this feeling..i'm not crying..but know i felt like to crying..why i involve in this situation???why???i know the answer..i shouldnt involve but my feeling thought to be it..did i???why i dont think about the risk???now i got it??how it??good or bad??hahaha..ooppss sory!!!a big laugh 4 myself..congrats...i must think before i do something..dont use my feels but mind..can i???ofcourse can..i should!!!!!take it as a task 4 myself....what should i do know??go on in mylife???ofcourse..sit n crying??no need waste time n energy..i should forgot it..just throw it away from my life 4 the while..then focus on study.dont think to much..dont crying to much..just ignore the feeling..make it like nothing going on...be yourself as usual...remember this''life has to go on''ok...i have to be strong...well..as all had known we are always test by ALLAH..so as muslim..we had accept it and say praise to God(ALHAMDULILLAH)because ALLAH are love us..thats why..ALLAH test us..remember it!!!so now..cheer up!!!be a good girl..
---------------------to be continue------------------